If you are looking for the real desert then Liwa is must see whilst visiting the Middle East.


Liwa Full Day Tour
If you are looking for the real desert then Liwa is must see whilst visiting the Middle East. It truly is the stuff of Arabian Dreams, set amongst majestic high dunes, it offers the visitor a step back into an ancient world Bedouin living and desert trekking.It is located south of Abu Dhabi famously known as the Empty Quarter (Rub Al Khali) and is home to the biggest sand desert on the planet. The size and scale of the sand dunes is quite spectacular, it definitely has to be seen to be believed.Our tour departs from pick-up point at 9am and as we head toward Liwa in our 4WD air conditioned vehicle you can see the landscape transform and see the sand dunes emerge. We stop en route at a local gas station and reach the desert at 11am.Once we reach the desert be prepared for an exhilarating ride over rolling dunes where your experienced safari driver will take you on the ride of a lifetime.We stop for lunch at the Oasis around 1.30pm.We drive toward Moreeb sand dune, which is one of the highest sand hills in the world, nearing 300 metres high and with extremely steep slopes.Several hill climb races occur here throughout the year as well as stages of the UAE Desert Challenge.The desert supports a considerable number and variety of flora and fauna, during this tour you may get to opportunity to view wild camels or gazelles. .After a full day of adventure and breathtaking scenery, we head out of the desert around 430 pm & make our way back to your hotel.

  • 08:15 to 8:30 am- Pick up from Abu Dhabi
  • Visit Car Museum @AED 50 per OFF (Optional)
  • Visit Qasr Al Sarab Premium resort  or Tal Moreeb (  Tal Moreeb Hill - one of the world's highest sand dunes, the tallest  sand dune  in the UAE )
  • Camel Farm
  • Dune Driving
  • Liwa Fort VIsit
  • Liwa Oasis Visit
  • Back to Abu Dhabi
  • Lunch & car Museum visit ticket not include this package
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